Septuagenarians at Sea: #2

Blake sent this text after his adventure:

Yesterday I went sailing with M. and her friend A. It was another exciting outward-bound type adventure that seems to  be becoming a Durant norm, Remind me to put that phrase into the brochure… I slipped the mooring with the main sail up and was getting too close to the neighbouring boat. I went to the bow and successfully fended off without touching. Unfortunately, I lost my footing and found myself dangling from the pulpit. We were a boat moving in the basin with nobody in control.

M. had sailed a little and A. none. Legs dangling in the water, I quickly moved hand over hand  back to the cockpit where M. and A. were chatting away completely unaware I had gone overboard. When they got over their surprise and shock at hearing my voice from over the side of the boat, I proceeded to steer the boat by remote control through M., around the anchored boats  and turned us towards the gap to Lake Ontario. I had a bit of time before we reached the lake, so I decided to get back aboard.

Again by remote control, this time through A., we got the ladder out of the locker and installed. Easier to say than do. I clambered aboard, but was not finished. We were very close to the cement side of the gap and I had to fend off again. This time I was careful not to lose my footing. We then hoisted the jib and had a wonderful sail around the Toronto islands, heaving-to on the way to have lunch. Today I am having a rest.

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