About Joyce A Hood

Rooted in the oral culture of the northern-most Blue Ridge mountains (see above), a 19th century way of life preserved into the 1930’s; deeply influenced by oral reading of the King James Bible, which led to a love affair with Shakespeare; an oldest sibling plunged into mothering early; determined to go to university in spite of poverty; chose teaching over acting for stability (always front and centre anyway in classroom); put children before career, but ended up teaching English, media and creative writing for over 30 years; has lived in more than 20 homes; constant reader and avid fan of mysteries; lover of the Blues; author of an unpublished body of poetry and an e-book Never Tell: recovered memories of a daughter of the Temple Mater (Alternately daughter of the Knights Templar)

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006T77LLY    smashwords.com/books/view/121275

Journaling and Taoist tai chi are daily practices.

The blog’s name quickly became outdated. There are now 139 journals. That’s not bragging. It’s more the confession of a deeply troubled compulsive writer. What will happen to them now that bonfires are outlawed?


5 thoughts on “About Joyce A Hood

  1. Hey Joyce –

    Did you ever get a chance to watch Borgen? Would you like to?

    As I recall you had a look at my review which was post in March 2014 – I’ve watched most of the episodes of all three sesons.

    KIndly let me know if you have seen it yet –


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