Screamingly Sensitive Cells

As I stepped out of the shower, the skin cells of my upper arms began screaming,”We are dry. We are dry. We can’t stand it. We’ll probably die….” and all in spite of the fact that they always get rubbed with lotion after a shower.

A little earlier, the second toe on my left foot screamed, “I’m bruised you know. You dropped something on me. I can’t go down these stairs. Please don’t make me…”

Earlier still right lower back cells yelled, “We’re stiff. We’re stiff. OMG be careful. We could spasm….”

As I made the bed, the heating contractor cells began, “Oh, it’s sooo hot in here. Oh, don’t try to shake that sheet. We’re dying in here…” Stripping to an undershirt, I stifled them.

I plan to go out to shop and my face is already gearing up. As soon as a cold wind -or even, let’s be frank a moderately cool breeze- hits it, face cells will yell, “Batten the hatches. Put up the shields.” This is a cue for every muscle cell in my body to harden up and spasm.

And there is more, so much more. Years of therapy have made no dint in this cellular hysteria.

Here’s a new idea – stop stifling these voices. If you come upon me wandering about and vocalizing as I did just now, don’t be surprised. “We’re so itchy. We can’t stand. We’re going to die”. etc. It seemed to work.

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