New Novel Goes to Formatter and Cover Artist

Here is the prologue to my new novel set in 2120, as climate change is undermining civilization.

I Trust You to Kill Me:

Al-Hallaj Mansour, a Sufi master, uttered these words on the banks of the Tigris when he was martyred in Bagdad on March 26, 922.

The charge against him was that by saying ‘Anal al Haq,’ (I am Truth.) he claimed to be God.

Was he saying ‘I trust you to kill me’ directly to God or was he speaking to his executioner? If all of us are God, then the executioner was merely God’s agent.

Mansour was hit in the face, whipped into unconsciousness, and finally decapitated or hanged while thousands watched.

Whatever else, Mansour’s words mean that he accepted his death in expectation of union with the Divine.

This story begins On December 18, 2119, 1200 years later in Colombia, a violent and volcanic land, home of cocaine, heroin and magic realism.

I Trust You to Kill Me should be ready for publishing in in late April. It asks how should we live in this perilous time and answers with laughter and love.

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