Separatism: done and dusted

In Canada we have two seasons – winter and road repair. Indications this morning are that winter is over. I couldn’t find a single unimpeded route (pronounced ‘root” by me). Moreover “the winter of our discontent” has been ended by the rout of the Part Qubecois in the Quebec provincial election and the defeat of its leader Pauline Marois in her own riding.

As I said earlier I couldn’t get invested in this latest attempt by my birth province to become its own country and fate was on Canada’s side. The appeal of the charter intended to exclude civil servants who would not give up wearing their scarves, skull caps and ostentatious crosses proved minimal and the threat of yet another referendum on Separation combined to lead to the defeat of the PQ and the resounding victory of the Liberals.

I spent the evening re-watching Inspector Morse’s last case, very sad, but not nail-biting. Actually, the Quebec election results weren’t either after the first hour.

Some commentators allude to this as the third vote NO on Separation. Actually, it is the 22nd. See Andrew Coyne in the April 8, 2014, edition of the National Post: in 2 referendums , 7 federal elections and 13 provincial elections, “the separatist parties and project have never once received a majority..” Mind you it was a close call in 1995 when Canadians rose up to embrace Quebec and won by a narrow margin.

Much as I love Paris, I definitely do not want to import France’s mindset and place it between me and my mountains, and the east coast of my Canada.

Raise a glass to the defeat of divisiveness.


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