Bitter and Slow: part 1 bitter greens

No not my personality! Recently, my morning paper, read “Adult taste buds in a bitter retreat” subtitled “Sweet tooth overindulgence exacerbating picky palates”. (National Post, Sat. Oct. 13, 2012. Unfortunately this particular article is not available online.) In it Elizabeth … Continue reading

Between Thankgivings in the Centre of the World

Here in the mountain valley which the Chumash called the Centre of the World, I found myself caught between two Thanksgiving Days. I wasn’t home in Toronto for Canada’s day of thanks on the second Monday of October, and I … Continue reading

Starving in the Dark: septuagenarian faces flash flood

Last week, a Calgarian, worn out by the flooded Bow River perhaps, wrote a letter to the National Post in which he invited Torontonians to starve to death in the dark. Alberta has the oil after all. I thought “yeah, … Continue reading

Bitter and Slow: part 2 -slow food

Having extolled the virtues of bitter greens, I am now moving on to the benefits of slow food. LIke most people, I don’t look forward to hours at the kitchen counter after a busy day, so I don’t mean food … Continue reading